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#NowThis #WorldNews: [ VIDEO ] What Is Lobbying and Can It Be Good?

#NowThis #WorldNews: [ VIDEO ] What Is Lobbying and Can It Be Good?

A citizen’s right to lobby plays a tremendous role in politics. Yet today lobbying is big business known to have a revolving door with Congress. What is lobbying really about, and can it be fundamentally good?

Learn More:
Honesty and Ethics Rating of Clergy Slides to New Low
“Americans’ rating of the honesty and ethics of the clergy has fallen to 47%, the first time this rating has dropped below 50% since Gallup first asked about the clergy in 1977.”

Seven in 10 Americans Say Lobbyists Have Too Much Power
“Gallup Editor-in-Chief Frank Newport reveals that out of a list of 10 U.S. entities, Americans are most likely to say lobbyists have too much power and are least likely to say the same about the military.”

National Conference of State Legislatures
Lobbyist Regulation

Measuring Rates of Return for Lobbying Expenditures: An Empirical Case Study of Tax Breaks for Multinational Corporations
“In this paper we use audited corporate tax disclosures relating to a tax holiday on repatriated earnings created by the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004 to examine the return on lobbying.”

Lobbying for the Greater Good
“Earlier this month, scientists reported that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere had reached 400 parts per million.”

For Hire: Lobbyists or the 99%
“Amidst a growing federal deficit and widespread economic insecurity for most Americans, some of the largest corporations in the country have avoided paying their fair share in taxes while spending millions to lobby Congress and influence elections.”

So Who’s a Lobbyist
Under the federal lobbying law, Newt Gingrich can legitimately claim that he is not a lobbyist.

Obama Transition announces rules for lobbyists in Transition
During a briefing today at the Presidential Transition Team headquarters, Obama Transition Co-Chair John Podesta announced the strictest and most far reaching ethics rules of any transition team in history.

Obama slams lobbyists, then hires a lobbyist to help promote Obamacare
“On the campaign trail, President Obama vowed that lobbyists would have no place in his administration, but his health care agency last month gave a half-million-dollar grant to a registered lobbying firm to help enroll people for Obamacare as Affordable Care Act “navigators.”

W.H. to reverse part of lobbyist ban
“The White House is poised to reverse a key part of its ban on registered lobbyists serving in government.”

Former White House lawyer defends Obama limits on lobbying, hints at possible changes
“Before Bob Bauer started his lunchtime speech at a recent conference, his host wanted to make absolutely certain that the former White House counsel knew his audience.”

Watch More:
What Powers Does President Obama Legally Have?

Should US Citizenship Be Guaranteed At Birth?

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  1. lobbying is a nice name for "institutionalized corruption".

  2. LunarX says:

    Seeing as how we're a democracy, let's change things! Oh, wait, we're not a democracy.

  3. adeQuate says:

    what is the difference b/w lobbying and protesting?

  4. Reduce lobby funding for controversal companies. Tobacco, oil, alcohol…

  5. The way I look at it, you have to have a degree to appreciate the subject off a lobby. It is often not political as it is a consumer necessity. To appreciatee it, you need a university expert, at least to discuss its merits.

  6. and trump already ban lobbying for 5 years…

  7. Levis. H says:

    lobbying = corruption = legalized bribery

  8. NOBEL DJ says:

    we could just make it illegal for politicans from becoming lobbiyists

  9. Bruce Dye says:

    In Europe they just call it corruption

  10. They're just small wheels in the machine. Not the machine. You support the machine of common people. Laws should be made to ensure this.

  11. Lobbyists should change. They should be more like responsible advisors and tudors for the system to be evolving in a good way. There should be handlers to these people and all of it must be open ended. Period.

  12. Lobby should be against the law

  13. alex says:

    If they support Democratic party there's no problem,but when they support the Republican party the world goes mad!!!

  14. Lobbying should be treason. The people voted for their representitives, private sector and corporate people are bribing them to do thigs they want and ignore the consituants (for example 75% of people want Minimum wage increases….and congress on behalf of their doners- ignore them for campaign cash). You can dress it up in fancy terms in responses to me if you want, you shills who support it,but its just legal bribery at the core.

  15. J. Muller says:

    They take money from point a to point b  and it's good if you are point b

  16. Saintsinnz says:

    Weird out once you are a politician kick backs or bribes are described as "donation" …it's not a donation if your ultimately looking for favour, your buying good will. A donation is a charitable payment for which you receive nothing in return.. maybe just some happy feelings if it's a charity or summit

  17. Saintsinnz says:

    I guess you effectively can buy votes.. in donations or favours

  18. chris soto says:

    I afraid that lobbyists just aren't worth it anymore.

  19. eli ng says:

    ahhh matt lieberman
    the good old days

  20. Tulsatom Bob says:

    The Private Prisons for Profit write their own bills and pay off Political Whores to push it thru Congress. It's bribery and represents no one but greedy Corporations and Crooked Politicians.
    These PPP's have caused all kinds of problems and death to inmates who are kept in prisons to meet a quota and increase profits for their shareholders at the expense of 1,000's of prisoners that shouldn't even be in prison or have reduced sentences.
    It's a scam and a tragedy.

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