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December 16, 2018
#CNNTechNews: Facebook buildings briefly evacuated over bomb threat
December 16, 2018
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#NowThis #WorldNews: [ VIDEO ] What Is A Stock Market Crash?

#NowThis #WorldNews: [ VIDEO ] What Is A Stock Market Crash?

Should We Raise The Minimum Wage?
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As income inequality rises, economists are debating the benefits of basic income. So what would it mean to institute a basic income?

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The Basic Income Guarantee: Simplicity, but at What Cost?
“In theory, a universal basic income offers an intriguing alternative to our current dysfunctional welfare state. ”

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
“Maslow wanted to understand what motivates people.”

The Town With No Poverty
“The idea of a Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) is once again receiving attention from
policy and decision-makers at local, provincial and national levels.”

Paying everyone a basic income would kill off low-paid menial jobs
“You take a large chunk of a country’s tax revenues and pay people a few thousand pounds a year to do nothing.”

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  1. Is it's borrowed money it will crash.

  2. Avatar 12234d says:

    Is that Nerdwriter?

  3. Isn’t this the guy from Nerdwriter Channel?

  4. Avatar Prank Weekly says:

    BITCOIN will cause the next market crash

  5. see my video shares stocks essential five lost

  6. I hate the Stock Markets. They do nothing but make the rich richer and punish the poor when the rich screw up. They should be illegal.

  7. Avatar Lisa says:

    How powerful is Shakira ?

  8. there is nothing wrong with algorithmic trading, the computer is doing what a responsible investor should do, i.e closing losing positions at a manageable loss instead of over exposing your risk profile hoping prices rebound, which can ultimately trigger a margin call that can swiftly wipe off the huge majority of your account or investment fund. In case of a cash, ultimately if fundamentals in the economy are healthy, market orders are already pending in the next level down triggering a huge buying opportunity for wholesalers and disciplined market participants. Being that algorithmic trading makes trading safer for everybody, it also makes our whole financial sector ultimately safer as well.

  9. Avatar RollTrash says:

    there is a mistake in subtitles at minute 0:13, the speaker says 6% but it's written 9%

  10. Avatar Chris Read says:

    Are stock markets even a good thing? Sounds like it's just a way for the rich to make more money.

  11. Avatar Pedro Acuna says:

    Do you think crypto is a secure place to keep dollars to safeguard it from the financial uncertainty

  12. What goes up, must come down… ;0)

  13. Avatar Danny1428 says:

    so we're just not gonna talk about 2008?

  14. You CAN have a 17,000.00 a day income.Try this unique software and see it to believe it: GINO TRADING SYSTEMS

  15. how do you place a short trade and hold the position in case of a case
    because you need to avoid the weekly div payouts that will affect your
    position you will be charged. or do you close the short when div payouts
    are due and place a short trade again? also if you keep a trade open
    every 24hrs you are charged a daily rate by spread betting company. can
    you explain how to open a short position if you believe a crash might

  16. volatility is good if you can semi-accurately estimate a companies worth or its quarterly earnings

  17. I just realised, it is a nerdwriter1!

  18. We need a Dnews plus video on this topic !!

  19. Avatar Gijs says:

    where does that lost trillion dollars go to?

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