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July 3, 2018
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#NowThis #WorldNews: [ VIDEO ] What Do Democrats Believe?

#NowThis #WorldNews: [ VIDEO ] What Do Democrats Believe?

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With an increasing number of states legalizing weed, the Mexican drug cartels are left with less demand for their most popular product. So how badly is the US marijuana legalization affecting the Mexican drug trade?

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Tracing the U.S. heroin surge back south of the border as Mexican cannabis output falls //www.washingtonpost.com/world/tracing-the-us-heroin-surge-back-south-of-the-border-as-mexican-cannabis-output-falls/2014/04/06/58dfc590-2123-4cc6-b664-1e5948960576_story.html
“The surge of cheap heroin spreading in $4 hits across rural America can be traced back to the remote valleys of the northern Sierra Madre.”

11 Months After Marijuana Legalization, Here’s What’s Happening to Mexican Cartels
“Legal weed in the United States is undercutting Mexican competition.”

DEA: Cartels Are Now Smuggling US Weed Into Mexico
“Legalized marijuana might help cut down on drug dealing in the US, but cartels are now smuggling the high-quality weed into Mexico for illegal sale there, Steven Nelson of U.S. News reports”

Study: US Marijuana Legalization Could Cut Cartel Profits By 30%
“A new study suggests that Mexico’s drug cartels could take big hits to their pocketbooks if ballot initiatives to legalize marijuana in parts of the United States are approved by voters, but the overall effect on the country’s security situation would likely be limited.”

Watch More:
What Are the Real Effects of Legalizing Weed?

Why the Violence in Mexico is Getting Worse


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  1. I will express my faith about God openly. And I do not believe in separation of church and state. ?
    THIS IS AMERICA!!! not North Korea.

  2. Avatar Kevin Hawley says:

    The one fact that nobody can ever argue against is this: Nobody that could leave the next generation with a 20 Trillion dollar federal deficit and a government that spends more than a dollar for every 30 cents payed in federal taxes could ever, in anyway what so ever, care about children. Based on all the statistics, numbers, facts we know the quickest way to increase the deficit faster than it is already growing is to raise taxes, as we know based on consistent history, the government will spend more than a dollar for every new 30 cents paid in taxes. Statistics and numbers can never lie.

  3. Democrats believe in high taxes , big government, intrusive policy, everything that is immoral , entitlement programs for lazy freeloaders and rewards for irresponsible women who pop kids out like rabbits

  4. Avatar Inwave says:

    Democrats just want to take people's money and give it to the poor. How about they give it to charities and causes that'll help the poor, instead of directly to the poor.

  5. This video left out so many of the Demonrats beliefs. Their belief in slavery is an important one that wasn't mentioned. They still believe in it today. Their open border policy proves it! They believe they own America and if they want something they take it, just ask the Native Americans. They are the proud home of the KKK and we know how much they love spreading hate. Just thought I would mention these three things. Basically this group believes in anything perverted and anti Christian.

  6. I like some of the things that the Democrats believe in but I also like some of the things that the republicans believe.

  7. Avatar Bomnuk Don says:

    Democrats are the good guys who gives money to the poor.The only thing is they take the money out of republicans pockets.

  8. I think this is bloody disgusting. Republicanism is better!!!

  9. Avatar Guts says:

    Democrats believe in doing what ever is evil.

  10. Avatar Joee says:

    I’m a democrat

  11. Avatar Myanster says:

    Republicans say democrates are lazy and lay around all day but these comments show republicans complaing

  12. Free WiFi for all, vote for kitty!!!

  13. Only good socialist communist is a dead one

  14. democrats are infiltrating our universities and college and grinding out extremist educators to control our children

  15. democrats support killing anyone that opposes their point of view.  Democrats control the media except for independants

  16. democrats are slave owners.  One switched houses and now the demoncrats claim it was the republicans.  Democrats are socialists communists

  17. Why am I called racist by a democrat if I’m republican live and live in the south, even though they founded the KKK and they still identify as democrats and the crats are rats.

  18. Social support more like socialism.

  19. Avatar Sample Owner says:

    I used to vote Democrat but then I grew up.

  20. Avatar Robert E Lee says:

    Will you did forget taking away gun rights!


  22. So they want to control people?

  23. Avatar trucker dan says:

    The Democratic party also believes that minorities are not intelligent enough to get their IDs for voting.

  24. Avatar Tenhead says:

    I see Trace everywhere. I'm kinda sick of it.

  25. They want equally of outcome, Republicans want equally of opportunity and the Democrats care more about illegal aliens than homeless Men, Women and Veterans. Oh and Democrats support a Socialist ideology too.

  26. Democrats oppose illegal immigration???

  27. Avatar radar0412 says:

    Democrats only believe in One thing. Winning elections. They had a chance to roll back the Bush taxs cuts so we can start paying our bills again, and give us a single payer health care system so we can ALL have a Meaner Leaner health Care system, when they had a Majority in Congress and the Senate. Those things never even came up for a vote. We currently have a One party system led by the Political Consultant Class and Corporate lobbyist.

  28. Let the democrats fall!!!!

  29. Republicans are better than Democrats.

  30. Avatar Alex Ostrem says:

    FDR was a communist. Or close to. Fact

  31. Avatar Nick Wilson says:

    Big government sucks look at health care under Obama premiums raised 105%!!!

  32. this is so basias
    you dems

  33. Ye Democratic Party sounds like Communism to me.

    Sure they did some good things, but now it’s all horrible.

    The power of government is Communism

  34. Avatar Sean Leakey says:

    The rich became rich by hard work and determination not feeding off of tax payers money, granted some do get it handed to them. So stop being such babies and giving the poor free stuff with our money and let them earn the money. I would like to see other opinions on this

  35. Avatar J Shysterr says:

    they find out what Republicans believe and oppose it.

  36. Just say "left leaning"… But what does it mean, pegleg?

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