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December 16, 2018
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December 16, 2018
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Al Jazeera English : [ #VIDEO ] ?? How sanctions and tariffs became Trump’s weapons of choice | Al Jazeera English

#AlJazeera #World: [ #VIDEO ] ?? How sanctions and tariffs became Trump’s weapons of choice | Al Jazeera English

Either through sanctions or economic tariffs, US President Donald Trump’s administration has been using its economic clout as a political weapon.

China and the EU have been the largest targets.

Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from Washington.

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Al Jazeera English


  1. Avatar Karan Gupta says:

    Not much tariff to Israel and Japan

  2. Avatar Gordon Chang says:

    tariffs and sanctions arent very bad. Its just passive aggressiveness. Its like what the civil rights leaders used to do when they couldnt get their way. They stopped spending their money.

  3. Avatar Gordon Chang says:

    Iran uses Chinese Yuan. Which is nice.

  4. Avatar Dale Ray says:

    Sanctions, are a Great Tool, employed with the finesse of a Scalpel. Never to be abused or corrupted. TRUMP's (Conflicts) are an obvious "Shake Down" RICO OP, and potential Market Shock Manipulation Scheme!……WE SEE!

  5. Avatar MrArchitect1 says:

    Like How Aljazeera manipulating the news to promote one countries agenda

  6. Avatar hoonsiew yeo says:

    This rattle snake presumes he is winning a game of "BLACKMAIL" tactic – it will be a short time when his game will receive a slash back – he, his cronies and their beloved country have to smell the downfall of AMERICAN DOLLAR WORLD WIDE – this MAD DOG is actually setting the direction for US$ to collapse.
    A. = ADDER
    (Now we know what "USA" stand for???????)

  7. i think US and EU need to put sanction to all ARAB nation to eradicate terrorism you maybe forghot but thank to american and europeans you have what to put on you plate whelth i nation dignity or maybe you forghot century under ottoman boots you need to learn i lesson never bite the hands ho feed you simply you need to be quiet are plenty nation with natural reserves ho will take happy you place you need to be QUIET

  8. Avatar Raha Wal says:

    So far trump is doing good job…. Because of him my brother got job ….. Before they give job to anyone now u have to have paper work….

  9. Well that way you can happen from USA dollar is just the world cancer

  10. Tariffs and sanctions are an Act of War.

  11. Avatar Aoi Rose says:

    president Trump will punish all the Islamic savage countries.

  12. Avatar GERMAN FORCE says:

    Whatever he does! Turkey will stand firm!

  13. who wonna loan me a Plane i wonna visite the white house

  14. We will bomb your country into dust.

  15. Avatar Kevin Quinn says:

    Days of ripping america off are over trade fair or fuckoff

  16. Avatar Stan M says:

    USA failing to advance world moves on.

  17. Avatar Arnold Davis says:

    Economy will crash like his casinos

  18. Avatar Lasno Haja says:

    US Trump foreign trade policy "economical sanction-based" is 100% for 'Trump Pocket Cash-kickback in return'.Modernday Medieval-Merchant Tricky Wicky !

  19. Let the wise be made fools.
    Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? Has not God made foolish the wisdom.

  20. Why should any "leader" compete?

    I will lead the new global kingdom and all national leaders can stand down.

    Why does any "leader" need weapons?

  22. Avatar sher Khan says:

    Stop using US Dollars. 🖕

  23. Avatar Naa Naa says:

    Now the World know they can no longer rely on US. This will be a big lesson for them to find another way. 8 years with the reality TV show guy. Sad.

  24. Avatar Utomo Utoyo says:

    US can only print money to pay it's debt (21 trillions), so in their last effort was to bully/intimidate other countries. How long will other countries actually believe the dollar has any value?

  25. Avatar Hibo Maxamad says:

    Trump is part of a mafia. I hate Trump 👞🙋

  26. Qatar, the traitors, the terrorists and the refuge of the fugitives

  27. Avatar dilip s says:

    Aljazeera is evil. These channel take liberty on the freedom of speech given by USA to cover up their dictatorship in Qatar . Aljazeera is the channel sponsored by Qatar government. How can a state fund media be true?

  28. Avatar ADEL RAAD says:

    America will be self distroy this is inevitable

  29. It's proven how much individual Americans and the market loses on the rules of so called free trade .every sanction and tariff has raised the dollar provided more jobs and better pay to Americans .free global trade benifit a handfull of big business .
    It does build better relations but for countrys like America the restrictions and rules give the biggest population with the most poverty the profit and gain.
    It cost Americans .we already provide more aid to country's and those in need .if anything these country's that profit should pay these global needs.
    For example under the international rules of trade no matter what China is given $60 billion minimum profit in import export trade with america .
    It's not like we know fair trade in our lives

  30. This makes UN and IMF are laughing stocks

  31. Avatar Ash Blaxe says:

    USA Dollar will collapse soon and Israel currency would take over dollar

  32. Avatar p d says:

    Make America great again .

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