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Al Jazeera English : [ #VIDEO ] ?? Qatar’s NHRC condemns arrest of Qatari national | Al Jazeera English

#AlJazeera #World: [ #VIDEO ] ?? Qatar’s NHRC condemns arrest of Qatari national | Al Jazeera English

It has been one week since Qatari citizen Nawaf Talal al-Rasheed was arrested in Kuwait and then transferred to Saudi Arabia.

As his family waits for news of where he is being detained, rights groups are accusing Saudi Arabia of violating his rights.

Al Jazeera’s Laura Burdon-Manley reports.

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Al Jazeera English


  1. If you invite a guest you have to protect him and take care of him. You cannot deport him to a country where he doesn't want to go. That is betrayal and kidnapping.

  2. Saudi Arabia royalty and Israel right wings the poison that is rotting the middle east from within.

  3. Israel, USA and KSA are on the same page; supporting terrorism and call other people terrorist, shame on them. We should stand firm.

  4. Dave says:

    lol no one cares qatar

  5. the truth says:

    good…dogs eating dogs…

  6. o myself says:

    Justice is at least gives the whole community's a clear fact evidence, what makes you right to take those man's

  7. somtitious says:

    I dont care about Qatar! Had the guts to ban Nigerians from visiting their country!

  8. Taz 123 says:

    here we go with the PROPAGANDA! LOL. Since when did Qatar ever have Human Rights??? Look at all the Asian migrants that have been brutally captured in Doha without even being paid! Wake up people. This channel is owned by the Qatari royal family. I'll say it again, PROPAGANDA…FAKE NEWS!

  9. 1982vergil says:

    Nawaf Talal al-Rasheed will SOON see his father in the next world. Ameen

  10. Who cares? What about a committee for slave rights in the Gulf?

  11. Abdul Majid says:

    It seems Saudi Prince days are doomed.he killed 1000 of innocents in Yemen.and illegally blockaded Qatar along with middle eastern pimp UAE.

  12. saudi arabia good cuntry no mek prablam

  13. so this is Arabian Game of Thrones

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