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July 17, 2018
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July 17, 2018
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Al Jazeera English : [ #VIDEO ] ?? Is the trial of Najib Razak a political vendetta? | Inside Story

#AlJazeera #World: [ #VIDEO ] ?? Is the trial of Najib Razak a political vendetta? | Inside Story

Najib Razak was Malaysia’s Prime Minister until two months ago.
Now he’s a political outcast, trying to avoid being sent to prison for 20 years.

Najib’s the first person to appear in court in connection with the 1-MDB scandal and the disappearance of four billion dollars of taxpayer’s money.

He’s pleading not guilty and accused the new government led by Mahathir Mohamed of seeking political vengeance
What are the implications of Najib’s trial

Presenter: Peter Dobbie

Bridget Welsh – John Cabot University
Lee Jones – Queen Mary University of London
Ibrahim Suffian – Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research

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  1. Zin Ibrahim says:

    Political institutions were extractive under Najib's administration because too much power was concentrated with Najib. Acemoglu and Robinson discussed this extensively in "Why Nations Fail?".

  2. Keefz Zcobra says:

    No of course not. Don't be silly.

  3. CJ Loh says:

    It more on getting back “Citizen injustice”. Not a political vendetta.

  4. the court's final determination of whether Najin will be free or to prison.

  5. said muhamad says:


  6. mary lee says:

    Najib has denied wrongdoing. He denied any knowledge of money flowing into his personal account. Then during his administration, half a dozen countries including US & Singapore were investigating into money laundering and other criminal activities, even closing banks and sending people to jail. During his administration, Malaysia blocked all investigations. If he did not commit any wrongdoing, then why were investigations blocked until the new Malaysian Government came in? Those who are supporting Najib, need to have their heads examined.

  7. kl. johnny says:

    HOW?? can the trial of Najib Razak be considered a political vendetta When he committed breach of trust AND non-transparency in his position as prime minister in NOT disclosing PUBLICLY!! that he received donation of RM2.6Billions!!! into his PRIVATE personal bank account!
    AND ALSO, it SHOULD be considered illegal AND unfair for UMNO/Barisan Nasional to receive large financial donations from outsiders to fund its political campaigns (to assist its political victory) which other Malaysian political parties do not hv the privilege to receive!

  8. Larry Tan says:

    Using supermarket trolleys to move seized evidence… seriously??? Don't the police have proper equipments to carry out their jobs?????

  9. Sachs Husam says:

    Malays want to run away from the epic classic story, the 'Sultan Mahmud Mangkat Dijulang' story.

  10. henghean lim says:

    How could 1mdb be a political vendetta or any conspiracy with do.much concrete evidences & facts & figures from all corners of the planet??? This us what the perpetrators & his accomplices wanted it to be! This ought to be considered as a treason as it can be a blatantly plotted heist over many years!!!

  11. Andy Kris says:

    UMNO warlords , had created a politically corrupted culture. Whole system is rotten .

  12. Andy Kris says:

    From individualised leadership to institutionalised charismatic leadership, must be people driven values driven spirit led.

  13. Andy Kris says:

    Money ie the root of all evil, can reduce corruption but eradicating it totally is a myth.keep corruption to its minimum

  14. Andy Kris says:

    Donation , why donation you mean is so bankrupt that it needs donation? Politicians are myopic in their views and analysis , it is not holistic .

  15. Andy Kris says:

    The people don’t need leaders but justice ,fairness and honesty is what the people want. In institutionally driven charismatic leadership, not individualised.because individualised leadership has risks of developing corrupt leadership like in Malaysia ,

  16. Andy Kris says:

    Common sense . It is criminal to abuse power given by the people and use it to pillage money which belongs to the people. How can this be political And not criminal. UMNO malays have a long way to go .

  17. For najib money is king…..

  18. Shane Kelly says:

    The very fact that six other foreign jurisdictions led by the U.S. are conducting criminal investigations into 1Mdb clearly demonstrates that this whole affair is no political witch hunt.

  19. Iwe Naeem says:

    I'm thinking that he is protecting something, or someone … and have feeling that he'll get away with this…

  20. Garubolas says:

    i hope he s found guilty for murder and hung

  21. Marcus Chan says:

    Vengeance? Yeah, it’s vengeance for stealing from the country.

  22. Far J says:

    if someone tells me your friend sleeps around without proof, personally i will NOT believe it at all…but there will be a group of idiots who believe even without proof.. Get my point? anyone can make accusations..Najib has nothing to do with all the lies the opposition throw even the whole kitchen sink..if it was true why PH dont have a single evidence…He has been very patient and focused on helping the rakyat. but here you are believing opposition ghost stories and bashing the govt like an Idiot! Bodoh nak mampos. Sial

  23. NO….it's a committed crime!

  24. Steven Aubin says:

    His own daughter cam out against him. I mean what more proof do you need when your own Daughter thinks you're a crook and killer

  25. KM Tang says:

    Hey Aljazebra. Your reporters must have been living in Gobi desert not knowing wtf is happening. Suggesting the trial of Najib a political vendetta. Well reported for years six countries have been hunting for the culprits guilty of embezzling billions of state money many still at large. Najib was the PM. He was also the Finance Minister. He was also the Chairman of 1 MDB then. Where is his moral, country duties in upholding those responsibilities. He is not a commoner. His father was also a previous Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun ABdul Razak. HIs father must be rocking in his grave now. Aljazebra. U owe an apology to the people of Malaysia for even suggesting political vendetta. With his trial the misdeedls will be made known to the whole world. Don't you think that is the right thing to do. Despots when in power abuses power. And siphon off country's wealth but will victimise and even murder those who exposes them.

  26. Puteri Salju says:

    Vendetta is absolutely right but not a political one. It would be the people's vendetta for all the wrongdoings he did during his term in office as the prime minister.

  27. Tone E says:

    As though mahathir at 93 came back to have power lol … if its a vendetta must be whole of malaysia has a vendetta since they voted

  28. momo senpai says:

    now matter how big the lie people can still smell the fart

  29. Saladdin says:

    Mahathir is a very vindictive person- look what happened to Anwar Ibrahim, Musa Hitam etc before. He was and still a dictator

  30. London said it beautifully…I have only one thing to add there is no limitation to Crime…

  31. Which polictcian in asia
    Never corrupt

  32. Slamed says:

    You all look what he done since he visited Trump. It's dumbest done and more many.

  33. Slamed says:

    Najib was dumbest PM in the world because he so confidence MONEY WAS KING.

  34. Please change the title

  35. Gee Gee says:

    For all the BILLIONs he is tought to squandered, only 4 cases were charged against him rm42+10+5+27million. Where are the BILLIONs?

  36. to us Malaysia… it's fair vengence…
    compare the treatment he faced himself vs others (eg. Anwar, Zunar….)

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