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December 18, 2018
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December 18, 2018
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Al Jazeera English : [ #VIDEO ] 🇰🇪 earthrise – Fighting desertification in Kenya & the remakery

#AlJazeera #World: [ #VIDEO ] 🇰🇪 earthrise – Fighting desertification in Kenya & the remakery

We travel to Kentucky to meet the people restoring the forest habitats of the High Appalachians; we visit London to meet the team hoping to start a new re-use economy; and we go to Kenya to see the impact the sand dams are having on landscapes.

Al Jazeera English


  1. Avatar beldengi says:

    First story mirrors the work done by Peter Andrews in Australia. At first regarded as a nut he is now honoured as the man who showed how to restore degraded dry land farms in the inland.

  2. Avatar alex jervis says:

    'Share our resources'?
    Meanwhile in the UK:
    All 3 main parties agreed that the UK should BORROW £13 BILLIONS, each year, to give to foreigners!
    Sharia May's lot have BORROWED £38 MILLIONS to give to the Rebel's Little Helpers, the White Helmets!

  3. Avatar Av63PNT0 says:

    I really like the way the women sing while working

  4. People say Africans are "lazy", they are not lazy! They're extremely hard workers like everyone else. They just needed to be given an opportunity to fight the desert, famine and lack of water. Now they are reversing their situations. Bless Kenya and the rest of Africa.

  5. Avatar oyinbo peppe says:

    Sand dams may be ancient but they new to Kenya.

  6. Avatar Crown Kevin says:

    That Kiwi Lady Emma Couper

  7. Avatar Alan Roddis says:

    Just come across a very interesting plant called Vetiver grass, it will grow in hot climates and could in my opinion grow in deserts. There's quite a few video's on Youtube about it. With it's deep rooting system and tolerance of heat I think it's worth trying,

  8. Avatar James Evans says:


  9. Overgrazing? Keep repeating lies I may trust you lol.
    Alan Savory on youtube states that we need millions of animals grazing to save soils and ecosystems.

  10. welll i do not see the sand wall as a long term solution. There will come more rain, bringing more sand and rocks, consequently overflowing the sand wall. To build it higher will not help, coz the river bed is not deeper. Well i would look into the mountains, where the river comes from and look what can be done there..

  11. Avatar Guy Fawkes says:

    WOW!!! Do you think this would work the Sahara? The second part, a solid effort by the mining community could have millions of trees planted at the conclusion of the site, timber companies are obligated why shouldn't mining companies be obligated? Also, the guy was saying that the land is like concrete, selecting the right 'pioneering" trees would dig and aerate the ground for themselves. Roots that grow deep have the strength to crack solid rocks with their roots.

  12. Avatar Radu Andrei says:

    Nice initiatives, but in Kenya, i think you need more trees! As for the states, it just seems that you can't catch up with the destruction rate.

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