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December 16, 2018
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#SABCNews: NCR warns consumers not to over spend during festive season – SABC News

#SABCNews: NCR warns consumers not to over spend during festive season – SABC News

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) says as consumers are spending during the festive season, they should keep in mind that the New Year comes with its own expenses, such as school uniforms, school registration fees and many other costs.

The acting manager for education and communication at the NCR, Jimmy Golele warns that if one fails to plan and spend wisely during the festive season, you might find yourself cash-strapped in the new year.

Golele warns that consumers should not “over do it” this festive season, citing that in just a few days time the longest month of the year will be upon us.

“Some of the consumers also fall victim to marketing gimmicks such as buying now and pay later, which ends up being a problem at a later stage. And then some because of the pressure of not having budgeted for the festive season expenses they fall victim to credit providers that sell them upfront fees which are actually prohibited in terms of the national credit act.”



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BiD #BlackIndependenceDay
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