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January 25, 2019
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January 28, 2019
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#SABCNews: Competition Commission has no funds for key investigations – SABC News

#SABCNews: Competition Commission has no funds for key investigations – SABC News

The Competition Commission is set to temporarily scale back on key market inquiries and investigations because it has run out of funds.

These include the Public Transport and Data Cost inquiry.

The Commission says the inquiries and investigations will resume at the beginning of the new financial year on the first of April.

In 2018, the Commission exceeded its budget by almost R80 million, while irregular expenditure shot up by R129 million.

“Some on those issues around irregular expenditure would have to do with our response in various cases. Sometime yes, you don’t go through the processes because you have to go immediately, or you have to deviate and therefore, you have got issues that would arise in terms of the auditing process. All those issues arouse given the success that we were recording,” says Sipho Ngwenya, Competition Commission Spokesperson.

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BiD #BlackIndependenceDay
BiD #BlackIndependenceDay
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