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February 17, 2019
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#ABSNews: St. Louis Woman Blocks Man From Entering His Own Apartment Building

#ABSNews: [VIDEO] St. Louis Woman Blocks Man From Entering His Own Apartment Building

Get the full story: https://bit.ly/2PvtILQ
A white St. Louis woman seen in a viral video attempting to block her Black neighbor from entering the downtown apartment building where they both reside has been fired from her job.



  1. roundhouse kick that hoe

  2. Avatar phil william says:

    She wants black boneyown up after that walk she never took and went up that elevator.
    Under the appearance or racism she had far worse motives.
    To actually have. Sex with a black male.
    Completely ubsurd.
    For a white male i am extremely offended lol.

  3. Something is off, here.

    Based on her supposed concerns, she should be upset, but she is NOT.

    In any case, I don't think she should have been fired.

  4. she's drunk. She looks like a fool.

  5. Wow very racist, very racist indeed

  6. Avatar Alexis Ford says:

    Bitch would of got smacked tf up 😊

  7. Avatar GOM says:

    Is she moving out of this apartment building? She should.

  8. Avatar Wyatt Sandi says:

    She lied and said he tried to choke her and police said he should have showed him the key fob. Disturbing, DISGUSTING, Racism is alive in well in America.

  9. Omg, she deserved to loose her job. Stupid gets what stupid deserves.

  10. Everyone uses their own key fob and EVERYONE knows that.
    Black guy purposely turns himself into a victim by trying to enter with talk – dudes a slickster …

  11. Avatar Marcus Costa says:

    She's just another racist Trumptard!! 🖕🖕🖕

  12. Avatar Chris Mal says:

    She just wanted the D

  13. i thought they was so scared of black men

  14. OMG Hilary Brooke Mueller. Address 703 N 13th St. Unit 307. Saint Louis MO 63103. Tel number cannot but you guys can send her mail to let her know how you feel, no threats just how wrong she is. Thumbs up to keep this message on top.

  15. She loves long dong black kong

  16. She just said he could film her and then she dont like the his phone is in her face

  17. Avatar Tammy Boyd says:

    God…when it is going to stop? Now the black community has to worry about 'having shelter while black?' Leave people alone. even if he didn't live there, so what. Mind your own business.

  18. Avatar Justin White says:

    what a dumb bitch, like do you not have anything else to do with your sad life?

  19. She wants to say he tried to rape me. Luckily he was smart enough to record her.

  20. Avatar modap3000 says:

    If it was another black person, he would have kicked his or her as…and yelled worldstar!

  21. Avatar L.Corp. says:

    She is clearly not afraid of him, getting on the elevator alone with him, and following him to his apartment, she's looking for a black boyfriend!

  22. Times are hard for Amy Schumer

  23. Why did this video have to say block a black man? Why couldnt it just say blocked a person or man from entering his apartment entrance. I give this person hella credit also because I couldnt have kept as calm as he was. Im glad he filmed her. You know whats funny one day all these comments people leave might affect them in the future and it makes me laugh because I know a few places that search your social media information so they dont hire people that write comments like some of the people have written

  24. Fake……racial divide psyop

  25. Avatar Rob Wright says:

    Her parents taught her she’s better than the best colored person in the world

  26. Avatar e184nwi says:

    I don't let people I don't know into my building, I don't care what they look like. I hope my neighbors don't either. I don't expect to be let in by anyone who doesn't know me. It's the best security our building has. When I first moved in, some people didn't just let me in without asking me who I was. I wasn't insulted or annoyed, I just told them. I've seen some of the other videos of people harassing black people for seemingly no other reason than the color of their skin and I think it's disgusting. If she didn't let him in because he's black or if she wouldn't have done the same thing to a white person she didn't know, then her actions are deplorable. If not, I don't think not letting him was wrong or racist. But, once she saw him go into his apartment, that should have been the end of it.

  27. Avatar Dusk Dawg says:

    Just another racist bigot enabled by the Trumpublikkklan party trying to escalate a situation so racist white cops show up and murder him on the spot then say “he fit the description of a call they got earlier and they feared for their life, because he was reaching into his pocket while being confrontational and harassing a white woman”. Then when the news show up she says “I was just asking him if he lived there, when he suddenly became violent, and the police officers showed up..”. They’re all in on it. It’s their usual trick to abuse the law and the judicial system as the new way of “hanging black people from trees”. It’s their modus operandi to “Make America great again”

  28. Avatar MemoGrafix says:

    I will NEVER EVER Live in an ALL CAVE VAMPIRE neighborhood again.
    My Mother, in the late 1970's got Us in an all White area and I got nothing but problems (I was 10-12). We even got letters of death threats, Fuckas dumping garbage & dead animals in front of Our door, etc., she still told My Father she wasn't leaving, in her mind Cave Devils are good people regardless. My Brother joined the Marines, then My Father & Mother separated for something else different.
    But I got mentally & physically harassed to no end, until she couldn't pay the rent after she lost her job for several months is when We moved out I was glad We moved to a mixed population area. I will only live in a Black maybe mixed neighborhood.

  29. Avatar Ken Lewis says:

    If this brotha wasn’t so sensitive toward her ignorance he probably could’ve flipped this into some poon poon later.

  30. Avatar Mtownraven says:

    I’m guessing she opened the down from the inside, and he was coming in without using his key. I can kinda understand where she’s coming from.

  31. Avatar grimygrime says:

    Straight up harassment.

  32. she wanted some dick bruh. and she was on them perks as well.

  33. She lost her job because of this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂shell be in the welfare line acting just like " they" say blk women do

  34. Avatar glt010678 says:

    I wish he'd remained silent and didn't say anything to her at all and then report her ass to management.

  35. Avatar Kiel Bonner says:

    These crackers need to go put them all in a whole and burn them

  36. Avatar Ak Money says:

    See white ppl gonna say oh she's a concerned neighbor…but if he was a white Male would she have done all of this

  37. It looks like she opened the door. He walked in without scanning his fob so she obviously questioned him. It's her business as it's her neighbourhood. Dude is just fishing for victimhood.

  38. Avatar Solotv84 says:

    She wanted the mandingo

  39. She is crazy. She is not fearful of him. So why would she worry about who and where is he going? If she was fearful of him, she would call the police. She wants to come to his apartments and get some of his big, fat, thick long black dick.

  40. Avatar kid rilla5 says:

    White People think they own everything

  41. I am glad and proud of how this young man handled himself..I think she was actually digging him…lol…but she came off wrong

  42. And how we know this shit ain't FAKE?
    What white woman does all that, to some, a "strange black" man, she don't know?????

  43. This dude….
    has a history of being a token, and cup cakin for white women😑.

    Every battle ain't our battle to deal with.

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