Winnie Mandela’s funeral – CIC Julius Malema (EFF) Full Speech is #FIRE!

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April 13, 2018
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Winnie Mandela’s funeral – CIC Julius Malema Full Speech is #FIRE! Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Black Independence Day (BiD)

Julius Malema delivered a moving tribute to the late icon Winnie Mandela who treated him as a son and was known for supporting him during his political troubles.Malema vilified haters of Winnie Mandela and the hypocrisy in ANC leadership. The fiery speech sent the crowd charging..

“Mama‚ those who sold you out to the regime are here”.

These fiery words from EFF leader Julius Malema had the thousands of mourners at the Orlando Stadium gathered for the funeral of Winnie Madikizela-Mandela chanting in support.

Malema said despite his grief at the loss‚ he is comforted in the way she died‚ adding that she did not sell out her people.

“Mama those who sold you out to the regime are here. They are crying the loudest more than all of us who cared for you‚” he said addressing the late icon.

Malema called out people who attacked Madikizela-Mandela during her lifetime‚ first lashing out at the former leaders of the United Democratic Front (UDF) who held a press conference during Apartheid to disassociate themselves with her.

He also attacked ANC leaders who called her a criminal and who further prevented her from speaking at youth struggle icon Peter Mokaba’s funeral.

“Sell outs‚ we see you… Life is so unfair‚” Malema said.

The EFF leader commemorated people who stood by Madikizela-Mandela when she was widely vilified.

“Winnie Mandela is our mother. We know her. We don’t need (former police commissioner during Apartheid) George Fivaz to tell us about Winnie Mandela‚” Malema said.

He called on the people of Soweto‚ where she lived until her death‚ never to forget Madikizela-Mandela.

Malema closed his emotive tribute by asking that Cape Town airport be named after her.

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Black Independence Day!

BiD #BlackIndependenceDay
BiD #BlackIndependenceDay
Black Independence Day. Emergence from the Reconquista | Saving The Melanated World! | #BreakTheChain - #BreakTheCycle

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